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Wix Designer Templates

If you're looking for designer Wix Templates, we offer custom designed Wix Templates that are built to your needs. We custom design Wix Templates that are easy to edit, and we'll train you on how to edit your website going forward. Wix has a limited supply of Wix templates to start with, so many businesses and organizations come to us to help design a custom Wix Template that works best for them. We can custom design the colors, fonts, images, graphics, etc to make your website shine. We also offer infographic design services as well as graphic design and logo design, so we can help you with all your business needs. We also specialize in Wix SEO (search engine optimization), so we can setup your website and consult with you to make sure your website can be found in Google and other search engines!

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Here are a few of our Wix Designer Templates we've designed for our clients:

Wix Designer Templates - for Environmental Consultant

Wix Designer Templates - for Composting Company in Colorado

Wix Designer Templates - for Garden Center

Wix Designer Templates - for Sustainable Urban Communities Organization

Wix Designer Templates -for Handyman

Wix Designer Templates - for Landscaper

Wix Designer Templates - for Doctor

Wix Designer Templates - for Branding Company