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Wix Designer: Why I love being a Wix Pro

Wix Designer in Denver, Colorado

I have been a Wix Designer since 2013, when I first discovered it. My husband, who works in the Denver Advertising Agency arena as a Print Production Artist and Manager, first heard of Wix through a designer at an agency who was using it for his band – and he loved Wix. So my husband told me to check it out.

I was working on a Denver website design for a social media marketing company that was destined to be a Wordpress website. I had designed it in Photoshop, and had it approved, and thought, "Do I really want to start battling Wordpress to build a custom theme today?"

"Maybe I'll try designing it in Wix."

And then my Website Designer life changed.

I rebuilt the approved Photoshop page designs I had created into Wix. And it seemed way too easy. I thought, this is too good to be true! I built out the mobile design version using the handy Wix mobile editor... and it blew me away.

Never before had I designed a website so perfectly and so quickly and all without using a single line of code. It was amazing!! I was worried that the Wix website wouldn't perform well on various devices including desktop computers, tablets and all the various phones... but it worked great! I was able to build in slideshows, custom designed pages, landing pages, social media feeds, a blog... you name it!

I was also worried that Wix websites wouldn't perform well for SEO (search engine optimization). But, I've designed hundreds of Wix websites over the past 5 years, and nearly ALL of them do super well for searches in Google, if they're optimized right. In fact, I entered Wix's SEO Hero contest in which I started a brand-new Wix website design and competed against thousands of other teams and SEO companies for the $50K prize... and while it didn't win (I didn't spend as much time as the winner's team did!), it did get an honorable mention from Wix, and is still in the top 5 search results for "SEO Hero." That means it beat out hundreds of other websites on other platforms like Wordpress. So yes, Wix is great for SEO!

While Wix may not be the perfect fit for every single custom website – for example, super customized Ecommerce websites would be better suited in other platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce – it IS perfect for 80% of my website design clients. It works beautifully on mobile, is easy to edit, and the design is fully customizable, all while being more cost effective to design for smaller budgets due to the fact that little coding is needed (saving me tons of hours of development time, which I pass the savings onto my clients).

So I'm now proud to be a Wix Designer and Wix Expert, I have even had trainings and been a guest speaker in workshops and online SEO seminars put on by Wix. I am also part of the Wix Experts community where we work directly with Wix to help improve the platform and add new features that our clients need.

Wix is, in my opinion, the best Website Builder and Content Management System out there! My clients LOVE Wix and I LOVE Wix because it's easy to use, is incredibly easy to design in, and works great for SEO. So it's the perfect website platform! I hope to be designing in Wix for many years to come.

Below are some of the websites I've recently worked on as a Wix Designer:

Wix Designer – for Landscape Company
Wix Designer - for Marketing & Branding Company Website

Wix Designer – for Branding Company - mobile design

Wix Designer – for Furniture Store

Wix Designer – for College - Colorado School of Mines

Wix Designer – for Doctor

Wix Designer – for best-selling Author

Wix Designer – for Artists

Wix Designer – for Solar Company Industry

Wix Designer – for Garden Nursery


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