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As a Wix Designer, I know that Wix Design has an incredible range – no two Wix websites have to look alike! With Wix, there are no rigid templates – every page can have it's own unique design and layout.

When I design with Wix, the sky is the limit when it comes to your page design. As a Graphic Designer, I love drag and drop design programs. And, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, the Wix Editor offers very flexible drag-and-drop website design software that lets you add any design elements desired anywhere desired on each and every webpage. Unlike other templated platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify and so many others, the Wix platform allows you to drag and drop any element onto any position on the page... you are not regulated to columns or "blocks" of elements to put on each page, you can literally drop a logo over a photo and have it hang off the edge, or move a text block catty-corner to a photo box... it's like designing in InDesign! You have full control over the placement of every element on the page. And, you can drop in transparent PNG files, work with vector SVG files, drop in photos, shapes, anything you can design you can use in Wix.

Wix Design: People and Pollinators website
Wix Design: People and Pollinators website

Another bonus is that Wix has a separate Mobile Editor that allows you to reorder and rearrange any desktop website elements into a vertical phone format so that you have full control over the mobile user experience as well. Unlike "responsive" templates of the other platforms listed above that reflow everything without much control, Wix allows you to really customize the mobile experience on your website so that everything is ordered and prioritized to be as easy to use as possible for visitors using their phone.

Here are some recent Wix Design projects to see the range of how Wix websites can look. You are not stuck in a box, or even a template – each and every page is easily editable and fully customizable.

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