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Wix Code Launched!

As of yesterday, December 4, 2017, Wix Code has been released to the Wix editor, so now all Wix websites can benefit from the added functionality to work at the code level on any Wix website. This changes the game at Wix – which in my opinion is the best website editing platform on the market – because it combines the easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get Wix Website Editor with a deeper level of code. The sky is the limit!

Wix Code allows web application creation, databases functionality, APIs to connect with outside services, and the ability to expose the web application as an API. Basically, this means that we can now do nearly anything with Wix. We can set up database driven websites with member areas, and then allow clients to easily edit their websites using the editor (the Wix Code level can be hidden or visible). Looking for a Wix Code Expert?

Wix Code also is a prompting coder, which means you don't really need to write code, you can select from intuitive code features that you insert and put together. There are also lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to setup different functionality with Wix Code so you can learn the ropes!

Wix Code Expert - Custom Forms and Databases

Here are some pages from Wix themselves to explain a little more about Wix Code and what it can do: Wix Code Features: Databases: You can store and manage data now on your Wix website, displaying it where you need it, or collecting and storing information as desired. Dynamic Pages: You can now setup a design style that applies to 100s of pages so you don't have to manually design each page. Basically, this means we can setup templates for our Wix website design customers.

User Input: Ability to collect user info, and build things like review forms, quizzes, etc. You can even design multi-page forms with Wix Code.

Interactions: Ability to add Javascript code to page elements, so you can create hover effects, interactive maps, etc.

Wix Code Expert- Interactions

Wix Code APIs: Ability to build a Wix website to integrate with third-party service APIs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Vimeo, SendGrid, Yahoo, Square, Stripe, PayPal, Twilio, GeoNames, Google Maps, etc. This means you can call APIs easily in the editor, and add login and JavaScript to compute functions.

Repeating Layouts:

This lets you setup theme or template pages in Wix using grid layouts, and then tie the pages and content into databases.

Wix Code Expert- Dynamic Layouts

Wix Code Video Tutorials If you want to learn more, here are some Video Tutorials from Wix thatshow you how to create a dynamic item page, or a custom form, add custom interactions, add dynamic category pages, and more:


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