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Wix Blog – Sharing Posts on Social Media

As a Wix Designer, I often have clients that ask how they can share their Wix blog posts. In this video above I show you the difference between sharing buttons and regular social media icons in your Wix blog.

It is important to note the two different social media elements on the Wix blog pages:

1. There is a Social Media bar of icons that can be customized to link to your Business Facebook/Twitter/etc pages (make sure to customize their links, as by default these icons link to Wix's social media!). Here is what an example Social Media bar looks like:

Wix Social Media Bar

2. The second social media element that shows up only in Wix blogs under individual posts, is the Social Media sharing icons. Here is what they look like below posts. When you click on these buttons, they open a popup window that allows the user to share the post on their page. If you want to share it on a Facebook Business page, you will need to use the dropdown and choose to "Share on a Page You Manage" and then choose the Business page to share to.

Wix Blog Social Media sharing buttons