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Wix Blog SEO - Wix Designer Tip

Wix Blog SEO is important to help your Wix blog posts get found in search engines like Google. To help your blog posts get found, you need to incorporate good keyword phrases in your blog title, meta title, and meta description as well as the blog post's URL.

Wix Blog SEO Settings:

In the Blog Manager, click on your blog post (or create a new blog post) and then click on the "Advanced" button on the menu on right.

Make sure to write your posts' custom URL, meta title, description – use keywords that you think the post would be best found for. Keep it short and simple. In the URL, you cannot use spaces, only use dashes for spaces, and no punctuation is allowed.

What's cool is that Wix even shows you a quick preview of what it would look like in Google results.

Watch the video to see how this is done and for more tips.

Wix Blog SEO