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Wix Blog Layouts

Wix Blog Layouts

Wix Blog Question:

“I'm just starting with Wix and am writing an individual blog post. I want to use the Wix editor tools like adding text boxes for columns and set up the images just the way I want using the Wix Editor tools that are available for the pages. I don't see how you can use the Editor tools for individual blog posts. Am I missing something?”

Wix Designer Answer: No, you are not missing anything, the blog posts don’t have the same editing functionality as the pages so you can’t create columns or setup images in the same way. But you can use text wrapping tools for images to create the illusion of columns. I hope that Wix will add more functionality to the Wix blog posts down the road!

If you want more control, create a page instead of a blog post so that you have the complete editor tools so that you can have more control over the design and setup text boxes, images, galleries, etc in the format desired.  Need expert help with your overall blog layout and design? I'm a full time Wix Designer, SEO Expert, and Graphic Designer, and I am happy to provide a free estimate, just reach out: Contact Us » Looking for the best Wix Blog Layouts? View some of our Best Wix Websites »


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