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What is the best image size for the Wix column elements?

What is the best image size for the Wix column elements?

Best image size for Wix columns

The best image size depends on the number of columns, as well as their general width to height proportions. If you have a lot of columns, a square image proportion may be best. If the columns are very many and are tall, then a tall vertical image would be best. If just two columns, a square sized image may work best, and so forth.

When I'm designing a Wix website, I typically will crop and create images at different sizes and see how they work in the columns - I may create several versions and try them until I find one that fits and flexes just right on different sized screens.

For optimizing sizes for better load times, I size all my images at no bigger than 1980 pixels wide for full width image strips or backgrounds.

If using a two column strip, however, sizing the images at around 1000 pixels wide would be sufficient.

Or, if you are using the images much smaller on the page (not as full screen, but smaller elements), you could reduce the width to 300-800 pixels wide, depending on their size in use. You can also compress JPGs when saving out of your Photoshop or other photo editing program to reduce overall file size by setting the quality to 50-70 quality depending on how the image looks. Hope this helps!


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