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Website Designer Tip: Post content on your own Website for SEO!

As a Denver Website Designer, I have a lot of businesses come to me for Website Design and SEO (search engine optimization). One of my biggest pieces of advice to all clients is to build good content on your website to help your business get found online. Answering common questions, providing good resources and information related to your business service or products is a great way to bring people to your website. As part of my SEO Consultation Packages, I research what keyword phrases people are using related to my clients' businesses, and then provide a hitlist of all the topics to write blog posts or new pages about. Then I advise them to also share any new content they build on social media to help the new pages get found.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to only post on social media as their business, and NOT on their own website.

Yes, posting on social media is great to engage potential and existing customers and stay in front of them. But posting on social media isn't adding to YOUR website's content. Rather, you're giving all the content to Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Google/etc. I ALWAYS recommend that if you're going to post on social media, why not also make a blog post or page with more detailed content on the same topic, and link to it from your social media posts? Here is an example of a great Facebook post for one of my clients,

Create Content on your own Website for SEO: For example, if you're posting about an event coming up on social media, write up a blog post on your website about the event with lots of details and link the social media post to that new blog post. This way, you're using social media to DRIVE traffic to your website, rather than just giving them all the free content. In fact, adding new content on your website is WAY MORE valuable than just posting on social media.

Social media is a way to engage and get people to come check out your website for more information, and it's very helpful to help drive traffic and trigger Google and Bing to index new content. But, if you're just posting photos in Instagram or Facebook, and never adding these photos or info to your website, you're just giving away all your content! Why not add those same photos to a blog post? Each blog post is a new page on websites, so every time you post, it adds pages to your site. And, Google and Bing love to see lots of new content on your site added regularly, that is how they decide how often they will visit your site, and also how they decide if you're website is relevant to send searchers to. If you're website stays static and no new content is being added, Google and Bing start to ignore the site and you'll sink in the search rankings. It's easy to add content – just answer frequently asked customer questions regularly and focus on writing new, original and useful information related to your services or products – adding this good content to your website pages or blog posts is the most valuable thing you can do for SEO.

The great thing is, your website is YOURS, and the content is YOURS for as long as you keep your website active. If Instagram and Facebook or other social media avenues go the way of MySpace or Google+, then you could potentially LOSE all that content and the time you spent on it. So make sure to also add all of your content to your website as often as you can. This will help you build your online presence for your website, and help it to get found more often by more people. Then, use social media to promote your website content – making sure to add links as often as you can to your posts.

If you would like to contact me about an SEO Consultation, I am happy to provide free estimates. I also offer full Website Design services, and I am also a Graphic Designer, Infographic Designer, and Logo Designer.


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