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Website Designer Tip: Finding a Higher Resolution Image using Google Images

As a Website Designer and Graphic Designer, I like to share useful tools to help make your design life easier. Here's a great search feature of Google to reverse find images: Google Images. For example, if you have a low resolution image provided by a client and you want to see if there is a higher resolution version available, this is a great tool. I use Google images to help find larger versions of images, most often when a client has provided an image but they don't have a large version of it, IF it exists out on the web, I can quickly search to see if there is a larger version on the web. If it's a stock image, I can then purchase the higher resolution version if needed. In this video below, I was able to find a larger version of a film still for a Denver Film Festival catalog design.

Note: Make sure to get permission or purchase images found on Google, just because they're on Google, this doesn't mean that they're necessarily free to use.

Happy designing!


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