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Website Designer Tip: How to create Seamless Video Loop for Backgrounds

As a Wix Designer and Website Designer, I often need to create seamless video loops to be used for video backgrounds on websites. Most stock videos you can purchase are not seamlessly looped, so you may have to do this yourself. It's easy! Just find a video that is taken from a tripod (the camera isn't moving) and something with subtle movement is ideal. Then make sure to trim the video to be short and sweet (longer videos are much larger files so increase website load time). Then you can use iMovie to create a seamless loop using splitting and transitions. See below:

Any video editor can do this, but I am on a Mac so I use Quicktime and iMovie.

Here is how you can create a seamless looping video:

  1. Import your clip into the video editor timeline, then chop it in half. To do this in iMovie, use the Split tool - first click to mark the timeline in the middle of your video, then in the menu look for: Modify > Split Clip

  2. You should now see the video split in half. Move the second half of the video to the beginning by dragging and droping the clip.

  3. Now, use a Transition called "Cross Dissolve" in the transitions panel in iMovie. Click on the "Cross Dissolve" transition and then drag it to put the transition between the two clips.

  4. To view and save the file, click on the top File Menu, then find: Share > File and save as a 1080p file to your desktop or folder.

There you have it! Happy designing!

Here's a screenshot of a iMovie seamless clip that I created. Watch the video above to see how this is done, it's easy!

Seamless Loop Video in iMovie