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USPS Mail Specs & Type of Folds

As a Graphic Designer, I often design postcards and mailers for my clients. Here are a few great resources all in one place for different types of folds, safe areas for mailing panels, and where self-mailers that are folded can be sealed. This post is a guide for my clients and fellow graphic designers who want a quick reference for the types of folds and the mailing specs for mailing panels on postcards or mailers.

There are lots of different types of folds. Here are some quick examples:

Tri-fold Self-Mailer with Mailing Panel for Graphic Designers
Bifold Self-Mailer with Mailing Panel for Graphic Designers

Here is where you can place seals or tabs on your folding self-mailers so they stay shut and make it through the USPS system:

How you can seal self-mailers for USPS

Postcard mailing guides: