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Transfer Domain from Network Solutions to Wix

As a Wix Website Designer, I often help clients move their websites to the Wix platform from other hosting providers. Wix is so much easier to edit and design, so this is a frequent request. Sometimes, clients also want to move their domain registration to Wix at the same time to keep things simple. I was just working on sending instructions to a client about transferring a domain from Network Solutions to Wix – but then I discovered that we can’t transfer domains from Network Solutions to Wix. Why? Read on....

It is true, you cannot transfer Network Solutions registered domains to Wix because apparently Wix is a reseller of Network Solutions Domains.

This is news to me! I’ve transferred other domains from GoDaddy and other registrars to Wix, before, so this was a surprise. It’s too bad because it's nice to have it all in one place! I suppose one could transfer a Network Solutions domain to GoDaddy or another registrar first and THEN transfer it to Wix, but that would take some time and work to transfer it twice (considering transferring process takes about 10 days). I wonder if they may make this possible down the road?

Typically to transfer a domain to Wix you have to request the domain from the registrar that you want to move it too, unlock the domain on the current registrar’s end, then verify the transfer through a series of emails from the registrar and ICANN to verify that the transfer is authorized and legitimate. It typically takes about 10 days for this process and a couple of email steps to verify the transfer.

Many of my clients keep their domain at Network Solutions and GoDaddy even though their site is hosted on Wix simply because transferring it is a more involved process, so it’s ok to leave it there, it’s just a bummer as clients will have two places to monitor their domain and website billing, rather than one.

Anyway, just wanted to share this!

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