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SEO Hero Tip: Spin a Web of Content

If you want to be your own SEO Hero for your website, then spin a web of content!

By this, I mean build more and more content over time, just like a spider spins her web.

In this video above, the spider diligently works to add threads around the entire web. You can use this same philosophy for SEO for your website, you want to add lots of threads of content everywhere. Add content to your blog, or add new pages that explain commonly asked questions, anything that is relevant to your business. Basically, think about what people want to find you for in search engines, then write about it!

Once you've created new threads of great original content on your website, the next step is to thread it throughout the web – by posting links to your website's new content or pages on social media or in other blogs or forums.

A great example is to use your Google Business page to create a post in the Google+ that links to your webpage for more info. Or, you could create a new blog post on LinkedIn that helps answer or give good info to people, and have it link to your webpage for more detailed, in-depth information.

And, like an old web, it's important to KEEP building that web of content – ALWAYS add new content to your website as often as you can. Use a blog to post new content, which creates a new page for each post and really helps with SEO as people can find these pages and come into your site through a thousand different "threads".