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SEO Hero Tip: Post it!!

I am just getting back from a bloggers conference, and I often have a lot of my clients who don't publish their first blog post because they're worried about making it perfect. Why wait? Plant those seeds now and share them on social media and in other online forums, Facebook groups, Google Business, LinkedIn, in your Instagram profile, Pinterest, etc. The faster you get it up, the faster it will get indexed by Google and other search engines.

Announcing your first blog post on social media is a great idea – it’s ok that this is only one blog post to start, but it is even better if you posted three or more to have a little more meat on the bone for people to look at while they're on your website. Also, be sure to add links to your other pages within your posts to help guide people to read more. Regardless if you start with 1 or 10 blog posts, just start! :) Get those seeds planted!

If you write about what people are searching for, they will come!

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