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I've been working as a Website Designer for over 15 years, and I've worked with some of the "top" SEO companies over the years with my clients. About five years ago, I decided that I didn't really like what these expensive SEO companies were offering to my clients: they would always force my clients into year-long contracts, and from what I could see, they weren't actually doing any on-website SEO that is crucial for long-term success. Instead, they focused on secretive "link building" where they supposedly would build inbound links to the website on their own "network" of blogs. They wouldn't even share them with us! In my opinion, if you are hiding anything or not proud of the link building you're doing, then you are not doing good link building. Google has, over the years, started to sniff out fake SEO link-building (links being added to bogus blogs that are designed specifically to build links, and not to build good, real content). And, if Google catches wind that your site is associated with shady, link-building bogus websites, it could actually hurt your website ranking rather than help it as Google penalizes sites for fake content if it discovers it.

SEO is all about building good, useful, REAL content for the terms people are searching for. If you build in-depth content on topics, link building will naturally happen over time as you share your website page or blog post links on social media and the world. If people find your content interesting or informative, they will share it, bookmark it, or even mention you in other website blogs or forums. Now that's real link building!

So I started offering SEO Packages to my clients instead to consult them on how to build good content over time to get found. I have optimized my own websites and many client websites that do extremely well for terms they want to be found for. Here are a few examples:

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “denver watercolor classes” - he’s #1!

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like “ikea delivery nyc” and “ikea assembly nyc” - he’s on the first page near the top.

Author website - Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “Sandra Dallas” as well as titles on her books like “The Last Midwife”

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “denver sports bar” and many other terms.