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I've been working as a Website Designer for over 15 years, and I've worked with some of the "top" SEO companies over the years with my clients. About five years ago, I decided that I didn't really like what these expensive SEO companies were offering to my clients: they would always force my clients into year-long contracts, and from what I could see, they weren't actually doing any on-website SEO that is crucial for long-term success. Instead, they focused on secretive "link building" where they supposedly would build inbound links to the website on their own "network" of blogs. They wouldn't even share them with us! In my opinion, if you are hiding anything or not proud of the link building you're doing, then you are not doing good link building. Google has, over the years, started to sniff out fake SEO link-building (links being added to bogus blogs that are designed specifically to build links, and not to build good, real content). And, if Google catches wind that your site is associated with shady, link-building bogus websites, it could actually hurt your website ranking rather than help it as Google penalizes sites for fake content if it discovers it.

SEO is all about building good, useful, REAL content for the terms people are searching for. If you build in-depth content on topics, link building will naturally happen over time as you share your website page or blog post links on social media and the world. If people find your content interesting or informative, they will share it, bookmark it, or even mention you in other website blogs or forums. Now that's real link building!

So I started offering SEO Packages to my clients instead to consult them on how to build good content over time to get found. I have optimized my own websites and many client websites that do extremely well for terms they want to be found for. Here are a few examples:

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “denver watercolor classes” - he’s #1!

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like “ikea delivery nyc” and “ikea assembly nyc” - he’s on the first page near the top.

Author website - Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “Sandra Dallas” as well as titles on her books like “The Last Midwife”

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like: “denver sports bar” and many other terms.

New Kitchen Store in Nashville, with brand new site, designed and optimized the pages for “Nashville kitchen store” which it ranks #1 in natural search results, and shows up on the map listings as well. As well as “Nashville Cooking Class” where it’s in the top 5-6 results. This is a great example of a new domain and website using the Wix Website platform that is doing very well with SEO.

My own website I optimized for “Wix Designer” “Wix Web Designer” “Infographic Designer” and many others that I rank on the first page.

SEO Hero: this website was built to compete for Wix's SEO Hero contest prize of $50,000. This is a Wix website, which I was excited to test it against against Wordpress and all the other platforms that hundreds of other SEO companies and Website Design firms were using to compete for the big $50K prize. While it didn't win, it did get an honorable mention from Wix, and it is currently ranking between #1-#3 on Google for the term "SEO Hero". So does Wix work for SEO? You bet it does! If you know how to use it and optimize your website. Keep in mind that the SEO Wiz tool that Wix offers is just a starting point, this will not get your website to the top of the search results, as that takes long-term, ongoing content building and also sharing on social media to get your website moving up in the rankings.

If you need SEO Help, I love working with businesses to design and optimize their websites for SEO.

Below is my initial SEO package – in this package, I research keywords to find out what people are searching for, make recommendations and then optimize your Wix website with the keywords and meta tags that I recommend. I can also build in a blog if needed, and/or pages for specific keywords, and then I will consult you and give you an idea hitlist for writing new blog articles or page content going forward – which is all great for SEO. It’s all about giving Google lots of information, and optimizing your content properly. Let me know if you’d like to chat on the phone about the process and any questions you may have, you can reach me at 720.260.3541.

SEO Pro Package:

$1500-$2000+ – Pro SEO* Package (15-25+ hours included): (Cost depends on number of pages, amount of content, amount of keywords desired)

  • Initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes Google keyword research (to find out which keywords/terms people are actually searching for, such as “business service city, TBD”). Consulting client on which keywords to focus on in content and posts going forward. On existing website, I will rewrite/add SEO page titles, meta tags and image alt tags to up to (#TBD) pages and optimize website for searches based on my recommendations.

  • I will provide you with a hitlist of my recommendations on how to write new content for new or existing pages, as well as blog posts, and using social media to help continue SEO to rise to the top for keywords desired.

  • Optimization and Setup of Blog page, writing of two blog posts for keywords determined, consulting client on writing new posts going forward using keywords.

  • Verification and submission to Google and Bing (this service does not guarantee placement, but does help get listed in Google), verification, setup/submission and optimization of Google+ Business page, make sure Google map listing is verified, and Webmaster Tools sitemap submission. 1-hour Training of client (over phone and email instructions) on how to continue to write blog posts and use social media to help with SEO.

  • Building/Optimizing existing pages

  • Email and Phone Consultation on what client can do going forward, utilizing blog and keywords to post content regularly, and advice on how to use social media to post and share your content to help with SEO

  • One review after 3-6 months to make sure SEO content is properly being optimized and is on track with our recommendations.

  • This service does not guarantee top placement in Google, but will greatly help in getting the website optimized for better ranking going forward – and with long-term ongoing content creation that is SEO driven, the website is very likely to rise to the top of the search results. Ongoing SEO, such as writing original content that focuses on keyword phrases determined, as well as using Social Media to engage an audience with info/links/keywords, will help move the website to the top of the searches. I will provide a hitlist of recommendations with ideas for blog posts or page content so you can create content over time. I am also available for ongoing SEO content writing and creation (blog posts, topic pages), for $75/hour.


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