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SEO Hero: Keywords Everywhere

As a SEO Hero, I love the Keywords Everywhere tool! Especially because it shows the related keywords on the right of searches right in your Google search. No need to login and jump through the hoops to get to the Google Adwords’ Keyword planner.

It’s perfect for my website design projects so I can quickly find good keyword terms to use on client websites as I do their SEO optimization. Two thumbs way up!

Here's a screenshot below that shows the "Related Keywords" and "People Also Searched for" stats from the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. These show up right next to the actual search results so you can see which other sites are ranking while getting ideas of what people are actually searching for. In this example, as I am an Infographic Designer, I show up #1 under the paid results. Next to it, it shows related keywords such as "infographic examples" that I could use as ideas for a blog post or page.

Become your own SEO Hero, and check out the Keywords Anywhere Chrome Extension at:

SEO Hero: Keywords Everywhere

Check out the Keywords Anywhere extension below or click:

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