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"Selected Images" in Wix Website Design Editor

Attention Wix Wizards! Here's one of my huge requests for Wix to help all of us save time in the Wix editor – it would be super helpful if when changing an image, such as in a gallery or strip, Wix would show you the currently selected image in the Media library popup window.

Often times, I want to locate the existing image to either edit it or optimize the image, and it's very hard to locate these images in the media libraries to download or edit them. I always have to manually scroll through all the folders, and oftentimes, I have a hard time locating the original file that is selected.

A simple solution would be to have the Media library window show users the currently selected image so that we can edit/download as needed, OR, choose a different image if desired.

A big reason I would like this feature is to further optimize/size finalized images to be smaller in filesize so websites load quickly and get good sitetest results. Many Wix sites are often slow-loading in mobile, and they get poor results from, so I am always trying to further optimize finalized sites to combat this issue, and a "selected image" would be a super-helpful feature!