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On-Site Composting Service in Colorado

So, I have been brewing up this sustainable business idea... it would be cool if a non-profit or company offered a super-sustainable Bike "Composting" service – where there would be a crew of bicycling composters who come to people's homes weekly to collect and put their filled compost bucket or bags of leaves into a backyard compost setup and rotate it and tend to it as necessary.

On-Site Composting Service in Colorado

Then, the residents could see how easy it is to compost. The idea is to get them setup with a compost bin, so they learn how it works, they can use the finished compost in their own yard, and, if desired, they can take over or we can keep composting for them. We could start a backyard revolution! The best part – no trucks and no fuel or energy is wasted moving compost – it's all done on-site!

I think most people just think that having a compost bin is difficult. If a household has someone else to compost for them, they will see how easy it is with their own eyes in their backyards, plus they get to reap the benefits of fresh top-quality compost in their gardens... then they may just start doing it themselves. If not, the service can continue, but it would be great if many residents saw how easy it was, and could continue to compost themselves. Part of the service or options could include: setup of a compost bin in their backyard, and providing a bucket with lid to use indoors or out to compost kitchen scraps.

The BEST part of this idea, is that, unlike other compost "pickup" services, the compost doesn't have to go anywhere. It can be 100% reused on site, no picking up and transporting compost in trucks or composting facilities needed. Just a backyard bin!


I was thinking of calling it "The Compost Cycle” or “Compost Cyclers” or something like that…

What do you think? I think this would be cool if lots of people did this across the country! I wonder if we could get grants from government infrastructure or sustainability funds to get this project kick-started? This could help fund the cost/setup a website to get members, purchase compost bins, bikes that can hold shovels/buckets, and funds to find people to do the work at a decent hourly wage. Maybe we could partner with the city programs to offer this as a service in addition to their compost pickup services.

I’d love your thoughts on how to make it happen!

And, I may mention, I have a successful website design home business, so I don't have to be the one who runs with this idea. I would love to see something like this happen in cities across the world. So, someone can just take this idea and run with it, too, I just wanted to plant the seed!


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