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#1 SEO Hero

#1 SEO Hero

How do I know that Wix is good at SEO?

Because my Wix-built SEO Hero website has climbed to the #1 spot on Google! Last year in March 2017, Wix announced a contest with a $50,000 prize for anyone who could get to the top of Google for the keywords "SEO Hero." I jumped at this opportunity to test out the Wix platform for SEO, as the Contest leveled the SEO playing field. The contest required that any website entered into the contest would need to be a brand-new website. Websites needed to be under a new registered domain, so they could not be an existing website. There were also a lot of other rules that forbid various cheating link-building techniques, and there was a judge to determine the winner. And, with a $50,000 prize, you KNOW there were hundreds of SEO companies out there trying to win the cash.

The contest didn't require a site be on Wix, so most of these SEO companies did not use Wix, many used Wordpress and other platforms to try to win the prize money. While my submitted Wix-built website,, did not win the Wix Contest (bummer), it did do very well and even got an honorable mention from Wix (also see it on the right), and it has since climbed to the top and is now #1 in Google for "SEO Hero"! That means it's beating the winner of the contest (read more about the winner below). This website is even is beating Wix's very own SEO Hero website that they used for the contest ( Check out Wix's official SEO Hero contest website in the video, below:

The official Wix SEO Hero Contest winner was a team from France that built a keyword explorer tool they called SEO Hero. While I can't quite figure the tool out as it doesn't seem to give me good results, it was none-the-less a genius idea because Google loves new tools and resources, and, at the time of the contest judging, they were in the #1 slot. However, SEO is a long-distance race, and my own Wix-built website with lots of great SEO Hero Resources and SEO Hero Tips has since risen and remained at the top of Google due to it's in-depth information and pages that help anyone become their own SEO Hero.

Wix's SEO Hero Contest Proves Wix is good at SEO:

What I loved about the SEO Hero contest was that I was able to truly test the Wix platform for SEO against a plethora of other SEO companies who built competing sites on different platforms (such as Wordpress and other custom platforms). And, it was only myself building it, so I didn't spend a huge amount of time on it as I have a full-time successful website design business ( As I only worked on it occasionally as time permitted, I was impressed that it still did so well against teams of people at SEO companies around the world. In retrospect, I should have spent a little more time on it as I could have won the $50,000 prize! But, I still won a prize – the knowledge of knowing that Wix is good at SEO.

Since my Wix-built site is now #1 on Google for "SEO Hero", there is NO DOUBT that Wix can compete with the best platforms out there for SEO. That's because Wix does have all the tools you need to succeed with SEO, as long as you know how to use them. It's all about building REAL, in-depth, and useful content around keywords you want to be found for, and optimizing your pages accordingly. If you need a SEO Hero, please contact me today and I can give you a free estimate for SEO for your website.

Some SEO Hero Quick Stats:

  • Google has indexed 5,380,000 results for the search term, "SEO Hero".

  • There are 2,400 searches a month for "SEO Hero".

From Wix's Contest Website - Official rules:

You can enter your site in the competition by submitting a link from (and including) November 16 to December 16, 2016. Every day from March 13 to March 15, 2017 at 12:00pm ET (noon) and 20:00pm ET, the moderator will search for the term “SEO Hero” on Google. The site to rank the highest on average over this period will be the winner. In the event of a draw, a seventh search will be run on March 16, 2017 at 12:00pm ET (noon) to determine the winner. The winner will be announced within 2 weeks of the challenge end date.

Need a SEO Hero?

If you're looking to hire a SEO Hero for your website, I offer SEO Packages where I research keywords that you want to be found for, then optimize your site, and then provide a SEO Training Consultation and guide, providing you with lots of custom recommendations on how to keep adding optimized content and use social media to help get your website to the top of search engines. Contact me today »


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