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New Wix Pricing - June 2023

As with everyone else, Wix is increasing they're hosting pricing. Here's a chart to help determine which plan is best for the needs. Where storage and video hours seemed to be unlimited or had much higher limits before, you now have to upgrade if you want more storage. Of course with Wix, it's good to stay tuned to see if they have sales, they usually offer 50% off plans every few weeks, which is a great time to buy hosting, especially if you purchase multiple years and get an even better deal. I still think Wix has one of the best WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors around, and I highly recommend the platform. It's a little more expensive than it was, but you are still getting their million-dollar website editor for a decent price.

New Wix Pricing - June 2023
New Wix Pricing - June 2023

I do like that they've simplified their fee structure, it was pretty confusing before, so this makes it easier to see quickly what plan will work for my clients. I do with they had more than 2GB storage in the base light plan, as Wix is now enforcing it – so it's important to compress your extra-large images and/or videos to not use up the 2GB of space too quickly. Images don't really need to be any larger than 1980 pixels wide, which typically keeps them under 1mb if saved as a jpg, so I will optimize images going forward so they aren't over 1mb each so the 2GB will be plenty of room for all the images. If you have large video and are limited by Wix's newly enforced storage restrictions, you can also upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and use them to embed anywhere on your Wix site. This will save a lot of space, since video files tend to be very large.

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