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Is Wix Good for SEO?

Is Wix good for SEO?

Yes, Wix is GREAT for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) There have been many nay-sayers over the years that argue that Wix is bad for SEO, but this is simply untrue. I've had great success with Wix websites (like my own SEO Hero Wix website) performing very well with SEO – this SEO Hero Wix website I created beat out hundreds of competing SEO experts around the world on other platforms who wanted to win Wix's $50K SEO Hero contest! Read more about the SEO Hero Contest » Yes, that means my Wix-built website beat hundreds of other websites using Wordpress and other platforms to try to get to the top for "SEO hero" keywords to win the contest. As I'm a SEO Wix expert, I simply built good content and optimized the site using the SEO tools Wix provides in their platform and the site soared to the top of the Google results. Even brand-new Wix websites seem to perform well and get quickly ranked by Google – which is amazing at it typically takes new domains awhile to trickle into Google's world.

I think the "Wix is bad at SEO" rumor is due to Wix's past SEO limitations, here are some things that used to make Wix bad for SEO, but are no longer true today as they greatly improved the platform:

  • Wix used to be Flash based, which of course was bad at SEO as Flash content couldn't be read by search engines easily, but that was long ago before 2012. All Wix sites are now built with HTML5, so Flash is a thing of the past.

  • Wix website pages used to have a non-customizable and poorURL structure (like:!contact/5845ad25), but Wix fixed this in early 2016 so it's no longer an issue. You can now customize your URL completely for all pages.

  • You didn't use to be able to give your images "alt text" for search engines to read what the image was about. But this was also fixed a couple years back.

  • The Blog didn't use to have SEO settings, so you couldn't add Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions or customize the blog post URL, but Wix fixed this as well in 2016 so it's no longer an issue.

So, if people say that Wix is bad for SEO, they may think this because it did use to be bad for SEO, but they've improved the Wix platform immensely over the past two years, and it now has EVERYTHING you need for proper SEO.

Wix SEO - Google says Wix is fine at SEO

The above screenshot and the original Wix SEO question can be seen on Google's website here »

One thing I tell my website design customers about SEO: It's not really about the platform so much as it is how you use it.

Wix, like Wordpress and other platforms, has all of the SEO settings you need, built right into the editor, making it easy to add Meta tags like Meta Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and alt image text, plus auto-generated sitemap.xml files. So, if you know what you're doing, you can setup your Wix website with the best SEO so that it can do well in searches. Additionally, SEO is not a one-time deal – it's an ongoing process.

I find that my clients on Wix websites that I build for them are MUCH more likely to update, add content, and add blog posts than with other platforms.


Because Wix is so easy to use. Unlike Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, Wix is really an what-you-see-is-what-you-get-to-edit platform. The Wix Site Editor allows you to navigate to any page and simply click on the text box or image to make changes. In Wix, you can easily add new images, text boxes, buttons and forms by simply dragging and dropping them anywhere on any page.

You have full control. So where my Wordpress clients get stuck as they can't find where to edit a sidemenu item, add pages, or how to add and place a picture on pages, my Wix website design clients are able to edit and add photos, text and pages with ease.

Below is an example of Wix's SEO settings for a blog post, it's simple to setup and customize the URL, Meta Title and Meta Description for your posts to be optimized for keywords you want to be found for:

Example of Wix's SEO settings for a blog post

And that all adds up to fresh content.

Google wants to see fresh content that is relevant to your keywords. So if the ease-of-use of the Wix platform allows businesses to quickly add new content regularly and make updates, it makes a Wix website VERY good at SEO. I always say write often and become the expert in what you do, and use your website as a place to build an empire of information about your services, area of expertise, products, or location. For more on SEO, check out more of my SEO Tips »

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