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Infographics for SEO

Are infographics good for SEO? Yes, infographics are great for SEO as they can be custom designed for your content, making them unique to your website. Infographics also can generate a lot more views and link sharing than content without infographics. Infographic design can also help with your SEO as infographics are shared by users across social media and websites. The more shares and credits/links back to your website, the better for SEO!

How do you make an infographic for SEO?

Well, figure out what people are searching relating to topics that match your services or products, and then make a useful infographic for that topic! Making useful infographics is best for SEO as they are shareable and user-friendly so they can build your audience.

Are infographics still relevant in 2022?

Yes infographics will always be relevant! Infographics are basically a visual way to show information that is easier for people to understand. Infographics are more visual engaging than just a paragraph or chart of text and numbers. Infographics can incorporate graphics and visual statistics that help viewers quickly comprehend topics, techniques, or services better. Hire an infographic designer »

Are infographics effective?

Yes, if they are simple and easy to understand, infographics can be a very effective way to communicate ideas, topics and concepts to users. The infographic above quickly explains why idling cars can add to our air pollution, and encourages people to ride their bike, walk or take buses, too. This infographic can be shared on the website, social media, and even printed to display as a friendly public service announcement. Infographics can be also very effective with SEO as they can be shareable, and useful to your viewer base. They are also effect for SEO if they are unique to your website, the more useful & unique content you have on your website, the better for SEO! Why? Because infographic designs make your content easily shareable on social media, where lots of viewers are spending their time! An infographic can also be printed or shared via email or in documents to help better explain any topic. Reach out for a free estimate from an infographic designer »

Can Google read infographics?

Google cannot "read" yet (though I have my doubts!), so it's best to give each of your infographics "alt text" that includes the information represented in the infographic. This "alt text" helps with SEO as it tells Google and other search engines what is in the graphic. The infographic above shows all the benefits of salmon conservation in a visually engaging way.

Are Infographics good for Events?

Yes! Infographics are perfect for events as you can communicate all the aspects of your event in an infographic. Infographics double as fliers and posters too! Check out this farmer's market "infographic" poster design above, it quickly shows some of the items available at the market so people immediately know what the event is about before even reading all the details. The graphic also can be shared on social media, which also helps with your engagement and SEO as it spreads across the social network.

Winter Sowing Illustration

The illustrated Winter Sowing "infographic" above diagrams how to sow seeds in the winter using recycled jugs. This quickly and visually communicates the steps to the viewer that is easy to understand and follow.

Why are infographics important for engaging audiences? Infographics are important for engaging web audiences because they visually communicate information and spark people's interest of all learning types to read. Most of us are visual learners, and seeing visuals helps better quickly communicate ideas or concepts than just text alone. Infographics engage us to look closer, to read more, and to stay a little longer on the subject.

If you're looking for help with help with SEO and want to work with an Infographic Designer, reach out. Get a free SEO and Infographic design estimate based on your needs. We custom design every infographic to perfectly communicate your message or idea.

As a Wix Designer, I specialize in SEO and Infographic Design.

Reach out for a free estimate for SEO and Infographic Design!


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