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Infographic Website Design

Infographics for website designs can be quite useful, in fact, your whole homepage or subpage on your website could consist of an infographic design! As a professional Infographic Designer and Website Designer, I often design custom infographics to be used on websites to provide viewers with a visual representation of the information on products or services.

These days, website designs can be very "tall" and can scroll – so infographics are a great way to show visual content that the user can scroll down to learn more. Infographic Website Design should include lots of visual icons and images to illustrate statistics, information, processes or facts.

Below are some examples of Infographic Website Designs that use infographics to communicate.

Infographic Website Design – Biodegradable Plastic Infographic Design

This infographic website design above is for a company that specializes in biodegradable plastics that can actually be composted in any compost, including backyard composts! Unlike most of the "compostable" plastic cups and bags that are out there now, this Green Film™ will degrade without having to be in a commercial composting system.

Below is another website design for New Energy Colorado that includes infographic design – we designed a grid to show how the new energy grid could work with residential solar and other various green energy sources.

Infographic Website Design – Solar Energy Industry