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Infographic Illustrator

If you're looking for an Infographic Illustrator or Infographic Designer, I love designing and illustrating custom infographics for non-profits, organizations, and businesses. Whether you want to illustrate facts, ideas, statistics, or other information in your infographic – I can design an infographic that has the look and feel desired, everything from the illustration style to the colors can be customized to reflect your brand or business.

Here are some of my recent Infographic Illustration and design work:

Infographic Illustrator - Conservation Infographic Poster for Salmon Forest

This infographic illustration below shows how Maverick Enterprises' plastic products are biodegradable.

Infographic Illustrator - Infographic for Biodegradable Plastics made by Maverick Enterprises

School Infographic designed to show how the Bellevue School District students excel in academics, and what makes them stand out:

Infographic Illustrator - School Infographic Design

This New Energy Colorado infographic illustration below was created to show their ideal energy grid that they're working to help implement. Rather than having a one-way energy source, this grid allows for renewable energy from residential and businesses to be used in a circulating system. Learn more about this organization at:

Infographic Illustrator for Renewable Energy

This infographic illustration was used as part of their website design:

Infographic Illustrator - Renewable Energy Grid

Below is an infographic illustration to educate people are the pollution created by idling cars. Make sure to shut off your car if you pull over to check your GPS or text or call someone back. Don't leave your engine running, it wastes tons of gas and emits a ton of air pollution, even when you're parked.

Infographic Illustrator - Idling Car Pollution

Infographic Illustrator - for Colorado Non-Profit Energy Outreach Colorado