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How to Post on Instagram from Laptop

As a Website Designer and Graphic Designer, I post on Instagram for some of my clients. I'm on the computer a lot, and I LOVE my full keyboard, I can type a million words a minute compared to "typing" on my phone. Plus, I have my whole image library at my disposal. Before learning this easy quick tip using the Chrome Browser's Developer Tools, I could only "post" on Instagram from my phone. Well no longer, now I can post from my computer with my full image library and keyboard at hand. Nice. One thing to note: The limitations to using the Google Chrome Developer Tools to add photos to Instagram is that, unfortunately, you can not upload multiple photos or videos to your post. It's simple, just watch the video above or read below:

1. Get the Chrome Browser

2. Turn on Developer Tools by going to View > Developer > Developer Tools

3. Switch to "mobile" by clicking on the Toggle Device Toolbar icon near the upper right. See below:

4. Choose a phone from the Device dropdown (any one works). See below. 5. Reload the page and then the Instagram tool bar should appear!

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