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How do I make an image fit on Wix?

As a Wix Designer, I often get questions about how to make images work better in Wix website templates. I find that many people get hung up on getting the image to look "just right" on their computer, only to find that it crops differently on a different computer or laptop, so they ask me "How do I make an image fit on Wix?"

If you're using an image box, you can control the size and cropping of the image, so you have full control over how it looks and is placed on the screen. But now, most website templates have full-width images, which behave differently depending on the screensize. See the image below, which uses an Image Strip with an image that stretches to the full-width of the browser window:

How do I make an image fit on Wix?

As you can see in the photo above, desktop computers with larger monitors have wider screens & browser windows, which results in stretching full-width images wider. The top and bottom of these types of full-width images will be cut off at different spots depending on the width of the screen – the wider the screen, the more of the top and bottom of the image will be cropped out as it stretches to fill the wider window.

Laptops & Tablets are less wide, so the image will be cropped to be more square, showing more of the top and bottom of the image.

In Wix, the mobile view has a completely separate editor so you can adjust content easily for the best vertical display on phones. This is nice as you can size images to look good on phones and also resize text and reorder elements to make sure they display well in the mobile view. Watch this video for a more detailed review of how you can adjust the placement of your images in Wix:

When selecting an image for a full-width Image Strip in Wix, it is important to pick images that work well as backgrounds and can be cropped without losing important details. For example, you don't want to use a closeup of a group of people, as it will be likely that their heads could get cut off on the top if the image isn't positioned correctly.

Sizing images for Wix when using full-width strips:

I like to use panoramic proportioned images for most of my image strips, and I also size them to 1980 pixels wide by whatever height they are. Sizing the width of your full-screen images to be 1980 Pixels is a good size as it will look good on big retina screens and small. If you're using images in other ways on Wix, such as in a small box, you can size the image a little smaller if desired to optimize your load time, 400-800 pixels wide or tall would work for most smaller images used on the page. Wix DOES resize your images for you, but it helps to size them down if you're using gigantic high resolution images to help keep your Wix page load time as fast as possible.

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