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Happy Wixing!

As a Wix Website Designer, I just wanted to say, I still love Wix! In 2021, I am still in love with Wix's platform. I design hundreds of client website in Wix as my clients love the easy-to-use editor, and I love designing the sites in Wix. I do work in other platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify, but I do find that Wix is my favorite website builder platform, and my clients love it, too. Wix performs very well with SEO as well, so I recommend it to 95% of my clients.

Happy Wixing! Best Wix Website Designer

One of the things that makes Wix great (besides their million-dollar WSIWYG website editor) is that they are constantly improving the platform. Every month I see improvements throughout the platform, and they even have a forum where Wix Designers and users can vote for new features. Wix is an ever-evolving beast of a website platform, and it just keeps getting better.

Check out my Wix Designer Tips Blog for lots of great tips and updates about the Wix platform.

If you're wondering if Wix websites can look good, wonder no more – check out the Best Wix Websites we've recently designed to see the wide range of what Wix websites can look like! Wix, while it comes with templates, is completely customizable from header to footer, so we can design a website that fits your exact needs and is user-friendly, too!

Need a new website design? I'd love to talk with you and provide you with an estimate for a new website design. I often recommend Wix, but I will listen to your needs and make my best recommendation. I also offer Wix Training so you can keep editing your own Wix website going forward.

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Happy Wixing!