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Graphic Designer Tip: InDesign Find/Change Tip for Multiple Spaces or Returns

Graphic Designer Tip: InDesign Find/Replace Tip

My amazing print production artist partner just discovered a feature of the Find/Change Tool in InDesign that will save us tons of time when formatting text provided by clients for annual reports, catalog design, and other projects.

Under the Find/Change panel in InDesign, under "Query" you can select from a drop down of numerous common search and replace options that will do a ton of work with a click of a button. For example, you can do a Find/Change for Multiple Space to Single Space, or Remove Trailing Whitespace, change Multiple Return to Single Return and many more. Why we had not discovered this sooner is beyond me, we have been working in the graphic design field for over 16 years! But from here on out we will be using these to help clean up formatting of pasted text. As Catalog Designers, this really helps us to more quickly clean up and format text!

Happy designing!


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