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Google+ is Gone, What Now?

It's official, Google+ is now gone! But you can still post as your Business in your Google My Business dashboard if you have a Google Business account setup. As a SEO Hero and Website Designer, I highly recommend posting regularly as your business on Google to help Google notice your new content, as well as get viewers to see what you have going on if they search and find your business on Google. Posting regularly ensures Google is noticing your business and it can also help get new pages or content indexed more quickly simply by including links to your new content.

Here is where you can do this:

It will prompt you to setup a new account if you don't have one. Google My Business accounts are generally associated with a gmail email address.

Since Google+ is gone, you also need a new link in your social media icons – here is a new Google Icon PNG for use in social media bars if desired.

Here's a screenshot below that shows where your Business posts show up in Google:

Google My Business Posts - be a SEO Hero and post!

Below is a screenshot of the Dashboard for my business, this is where you can manage how your business looks on Google, respond to reviews, add posts, add photos, and even create ads.

SEO Hero - Google My Business for local results