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SEO Hero Resources - Google Business Phone Support

As a Website Designer and SEO Hero, it's important to have some resources like Google phone support on hand. Google doesn't exactly broadcast their phone number for Google Business Phone Support, so I thought I'd post this here so I can find it next time I have a Google Business question! Google Business Setup Phone Support Line:


Google Cloud Support (unrelated, but putting it here in case):

1.844.491.9665 This is the number that I was given for Google Analytics, you need a Support PIN to talk to anyone – find out how to get it at

Google Business Account Suspension: The reason I needed to call Google was because I recently had my Pickle-Wix Web Design Google Business account suspended (now fixed), and I couldn't figure out why. To fix this, I posted an appeal and also sent Google a support ticket to ask them what had caused the suspension. Within 24 hours I got an automated reply that they had restored my account. Whew! Then, in response to my ticket Google also called me from Mumbai the next day, and the helpful lady explained that it was an auto-generated suspension that required a "human" review of the Google Business account, and there was nothing I had done wrong. She said that the Google system periodically flags Google Business accounts to be suspended until reviewed by a human, probably to ensure that bogus listings are filtered out. Because I immediately appealed the suspension, it was only 24 hours that it was suspended, luckily. When a Google Business account is suspended, it will still show up on Google Maps, but the account owner is not able to post or edit their account until it has been reviewed and approved. She said because my account is now verified by a human, this will never happen again to this account. But, I wanted to share this story in case any of you or my clients ever have a Google Business account suspended. There are other ways that an account can be suspended, such as if you were posting copywrited content or spam,, or falsely represents a business, but I do none of these things, which is why I wondered why my account was suspended. Apparently, it was jut the luck of the draw and shouldn't happen again!

What is a Google Business Account?

Basically, it is the listing that shows up on Google Maps – you can post your hours, company information, photos and actual Google posts to promote your business online. It's basically like the new form of the Yellow Pages – because if you aren't on Google, you're not getting found. Let me know if you need a Website Designer or SEO Expert to help get your business found on Google maps and beyond, contact me online »


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