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Free Video Creation Tool

Lumen5 is a FREE amazing video creation tool that makes videos out of blog posts or content right in your browser, no software download required! It's easy to add and upload your own images and add and edit the copy to your liking. You simply add a link of any content page like a blog post, and it starts to gather images and the text and walks you through getting a video created in literally just minutes. It doesn't look like there is a lot of font choices or control over the size of the font, but this does let you create quick videos for posting that look pretty amazing!

P.S. It looks like Lumen5 is in "beta" so it may not be free for long. Make sure to create your videos and download the MP4 files so you have them forever...

Check it out:

Here is a quick video I created for my client and friend, Dennis Pendleton (a Denver Watercolor Instructor) which I crated Lumen5, then downloaded and uploaded to YouTube to show you what they look like – wow!

Interested in taking a Denver Watercolor Workshop or Class? Dennis Pendleton is a great Watercolor artist and instructor! Visit his website, which is one of my Wix Website Designs: