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Food Waste Infographic - Shorten Your Food Chain

Food Waste Infographic - Shorten Your Food Chain

Shorten your Food Chain Infographic Designed by for

Shorten Your Food Chain Infographic: When you think of food waste, you often think of people throwing away unused food. Which is a problem in itself. But this isn't the only food waste, one of the biggest environmental problems is our food system. The fact that we package and transport food over vast distances around the world contributes greatly to our energy consumption and the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.

I just designed this isometric infographic for one of my favorite clients,, to illustrate how growing your own vegetables shortens your food chain. Just imagine how much plastic, packaging, transportation and energy we are saving by growing more of our own food and supporting local farms. Go gardeners! Let's grow more of our own food and cut down on food waste.

Feel free to share these graphics to help spread the word. The more food gardeners and growers, the merrier! To purchase and download a high resolution digital stock image of this graphic to share on social media or your website, click here.

Looking for an Infographic Designer? I love working with non-profits, organizations and businesses to design original infographics to illustrate ideas, statistics, and information. I am an infographic illustrator, so I can design and illustrate completely custom infographics for you or we can also utilize stock vector graphics and customize them for a unique one-of-a-kind infographic. View more examples of our best infographic design »

P.S. We can also design different-sized versions of infographics so that you can use them in different places. Here is a square image below of the Food Chain infographic, with a photo behind it that could be better for sharing on Instagram and other social media:

Infographic Designer for Food Chain infographic - square version 1

Or, here is a square formatted graphic:

Infographic Designer for Food Chain infographic - square

And lastly, here is the copyrighted graphic for sharing – thanks for sharing and spreading the love of growing and eating locally!


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