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Flower Farm Website Designer

I was talking with a friend about a local flower farm, and it make me recall a website client over 10 years ago who had a flower farm in Western Colorado called Field Florals.

She had a big greenhouse and fields of flowers and grew a lot of perennials and annuals for weddings and florists. I thought it was wonderful (though I never saw her farm in person). She has since moved on to other pursuits, but boy... what a chapter to grow flowers for a living, eh? Here's a postcard design from 2011:

Flower Farm Website Designer

The flower farm website, see below, was designed from scratch using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, back in the old days of the web before tablets and smart phones were born. I've worked on several farm websites since, but haven't worked on another flower farm website – I hope to work with another flower farmer someday!

Flower Farm Website Designer for Field Florals

This website design from 2011 shown above is no longer live, but it was a fun website to work on! This was before the days of responsive design and Wordpress, where we built websites by hand.

Boy has website design come a long way since then! I love that I can now build websites that my clients can easily edit, or add photos too. In the beginning of the world of websites, they were very cumbersome to edit and you had to have some knowledge of HTML and coding and programs to edit sites.

Flower Farm Website Designer - Gardening Magazine Website Design

Now, with great website platforms like Wix, Shopify and others, websites are much easier to edit. The Wix website platform is by far my current favorite in 2021, as it is truly a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor that is super easy to use for both website designers and website owners. I design, build and then train business owners and their staff on how to edit and update their own website with new content and info, no programming needed. I love this, as they can add more images to galleries, slideshows, add events, add blog posts, update their homepage messaging all with a few clicks instead of having to request that I make changes on a regularly basis. While I am happy to work on website updates and changes, I also love training and empowering people to edit their own websites so they don't have to ask me every time they want to make an update. This helps with business and their search engine optimization (SEO), as they can keep their website fresh with new content.

To see the range of what Wix websites can look like, view our Best Wix Websites or view all of our website design work in our Website Design Portfolio »

Looking for a new, easy-to-edit website design for your farm or small business?


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