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Fix Text Spacing in Wix

In this YouTube video I show you how to make adjustments to regular text in the Wix editor. There are great text tools such as leading and tracking* – Wix calls leading "Line Spacing" and it calls kerning "Letter Spacing" and those settings can be found in the Text Settings panel that opens up when you click on text to edit it. Make sure to scroll down to see the Character & Line Spacing settings. View video to see what I mean. What is leading, tracking and kerning? These are terms used in Print & Graphic Design, and they allow for adjustments of the text to fit the space better or have more breathing room. Leading (called Line Spacing in Wix) is a term that refers to the amount of space between lines in a paragraph. Tracking (called Character Spacing in Wix) is the horizontal spacing between characters. Kerning is more specific character spacing, that applies to individual characters. For example, sometimes you want to move letters closer together if they looked too spaced out. Kerning is often used for logos, but not typically on website text.


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