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How to Download Images from Wix Website

As a Wix Website Designer, I have run into this issue with finding images that are already used on a Wix website. Here's the work-around:

Finding images already used on a Wix website can be hard, whether they be in a gallery, or an image box, hoverbox or strip backgrounds – if you don't know the filename, it can be very hard to scroll through long Image Library folders of content trying to visually find the image you're looking for in order to reuse it or edit it. Believe me, I've done this many times! For example, if I wanted to find an image that is already used as a background or strip image on a page, or reuse it elsewhere, it's hard to figure out what that file is named or find it in the Image library. (Which is why I always try to name my files with searchable names so I can find them easier in the future).

How to Download Images from Wix Website

HOW TO FIND + DOWNLOAD WIX IMAGES I've discovered a new work-around way to "find" these images for reusing, downloading and/or editing as desired. Open the Photo Studio for an image:

Click on Image > Settings (gear icon) > Adjust (three volume dials icon) Open the Photo Studio If the image is in a strip background or hoverbox:

How to Download Images from Wix Website - Background Images

Click on Change Background or Change Strip Background or Change Page Background > Click on the Photo Editor Icon (three volume dials icon)

This will open the Photo Studio editor, see below, which will allow you to crop, resize, enhance, adjust, apply filters, or even cut out an image. You can also add overlays, text and backgrounds to images. This isn't Photoshop, but it does give you some basic tools that I find useful – and, more importantly, if you make any edits in this editor (such as resizing by just 1 pixel), you can "Save" the new version of the image, and it will now appear at the top of your Image Library for your Wix website. This is great, because you can then download the image, rename it (so you can find it more easily next time), edit it as desired, or reuse it elsewhere on your website.

How to Download Images from Wix Website using Photo Studio Adjust tool

A couple of cool tools in the Photo Studio include the vignette (to give your photo a subtle vignette shadow or brightness around the edges), or the cut out tool works well as a rudimentary clipping out tool for objects. You can also rotate, flip, resize images at will.

To find the Photo Studio tool in your Wix Blog:

Click on Image Click on the Photo Studio Icon (looks like three volume dials)

If you have a Gallery of images in your Wix Blog, this trick doesn't work, unfortunately, you can't get into the Photo Studio editor from image galleries in the Wix blog.

So next time you're endlessly scrolling through a Wix website's Image Library trying to find an image already used on the site, try this quick Photo Studio tool instead and save a new version that you can actually locate and rename, download, edit and reuse the image as desired. Of course, I don't advocate littering your Image Library with duplicates, so only do this once for your image, and then make sure to rename the filename to make it easy to find it down the road! Filenames can include several words, so I like to name the images with words I can search to locate them.

Learn how to download multiple images (or delete multiple images) in the Wix media library in this post. Happy Wixing!


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Feb 27, 2021

Thank you for the tip! I was spending forever trying to figure it out!

Feb 27, 2021
Replying to

You have to be in the Media Library vs. the Gallery, so click on "Add images" and then you'll be in the Media Library, where you have the option to click on the Three-Dots icon on the images to download them. You cannot download them from a image gallery – you have to be in the media library area to do this.


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