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Denver Permaculture House for Sale

Denver Permaculture House for Sale

We are looking to relocate out of Denver in 2024, and are looking for gardening permaculture home buyer who will preserve the trees and continue to grow the landscaping to add more vegetable gardens, native plants and native flower beds. With 17 trees on the property, there is plenty of shade plus fruit too, and plenty of garden space in the vegetable garden beds that surround the perimeter of the backyard. With raspberries, blackberries, apples, crabapples, saffron, hardneck garlic, herbs, and occasionally apricots, this is a permaculturist's dream home in Denver! You can continue turning this 9,150 sqft lot into a permaculture oasis by planting more fruiting trees and shrubs and vegetable beds to continue this property as an urban garden!

The property has six fruiting trees and lots more shrubs, including 3 delicious Serviceberries, one very giving old apple tree, as well as apricots, sand cherry, raspberries, blackberries, and possible apricots. The apricots bloom every year in March, but ususally it freezes several times after their bloom resulting in only one or two apricots in the summer. Good for lack of mess, but one of these years they should produce a bounty if we have a warm spring!

The flagstone patio is also awesome for growing vegetables and flowers in pots.

There is a hand-built cedar cold frame and a professionally installed hoop house for growing year-round in the backyard. These could go with the house with the right buyer!

This garden has been all organic and pesticide/herbicide-free for over 10 years since we lived here, and likely for many years prior to that. The soil in the vegetable garden beds has been organically improved for years with homemade compost and leaf mulch from all the trees and it should be fertile and ready to grow lots more vegetables for you.

We planted a Serviceberry in the spring of 2023, and it seems very happy and will continue to grow to 10-15' with lots of delicious Serviceberries you can pick and enjoy right outside the kitchen back door.

Peppers, tomatoes, flowers, herbs and more have been grown successfully here for many years in this organic garden.

There is a new native plant bed that we put in the front yard in 2022 – and have been adding to it over the past year. It is filled with native flowers including blooming cactuses, Rocky Mountain Penstemons, other Penstemons, Gramma grass, Four O'Clocks, Asters, Hardy Geraniums, Sand Cherries, Fringed Sage, and more.

The Virginia Creeper covered arbor in the back provides a shady oasis in the summer with it's concrete tiled patio – perfect for benches or a table set.

The serviceberry trees provide delicious fruit for you and the birds in June/July.

The beautiful brick one-car garage has plenty of room for all your garden tools, and a car, plus there are two off-street parking spaces next to the garage.

The apricots bloom in March every year, but rarely have much fruit due to the frosts and snowstorms that have followed. One of these years will be a banner year I'm sure!

The apple tree produces every year – the greenish apples turn red if there is a good long summer season, and are absolutely delicious, even with only tinged with red. They are crisp, sweet, and very abundant on good years. Make apple cider, apple pies, applesauce, apple cider vinegar, you name it! The old apple tree is very generous.


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