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Custom Shopify Discount Code Link

As a Website Designer, I work in Shopify for some of my ecommerce website clients. Here is a quick tip on how setup a Shopify Discount code link that will go to a specific Collection or Product on the website. Currently, Shopify doesn't allow you to specific that the discount codes links could go to a specific product or collection, which is difficult for users to use if you can't get them to the Collection or Product that is on sale with the automated discount-applying link. So here is the workaround:

Use the discount permalink that Shopify provides, and add a redirect.

For example, if you wanted to link your automatically-applied discount code to go to a specific product, you'd use:

https://<your shop url>/discount/<your discount code>?redirect=/products/<your product>

Or, if you wanted to link to a specific collection, you'd use:

https://<your shop url>/discount/<your discount code>?redirect=/collections/<your collection>

Here is a real example for some Free Watermelon Seeds at Sandia Seed:

Above is an example of the Discount Code setup in Shopify, I thought that they used to have the ability to link to a specific collection or product, but it is not available with this particular discount, which discounts their Watermelon Seeds to be free when purchased with any other seeds in their Real Good Gardening Seed Collection.

So the simply adding a redirect to the end of any discount code link will do the trick.

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