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Children’s Book Illustrator for Gardening Books

I love working as a Childrens Book Illustrator, especially for gardening or outdoor topics. I am working on a self-written children's book currently about organic vegetable gardening, composting, and soil creatures. It's just starting to take shape, some of the garden illustrations below are sketches for the book. Stay tuned for more updates on my book soon! I'm taking a book binding class with my sister so that will be fun, I'd love to create self-published books that are put together by hand. Maybe custom, one-of-a-kind coloring books about different gardening subjects. :)

View a sampling of my illustrations below, you can also visit my Illustration page for more of my work.

Children’s Book Illustrator - for Gardening Books - Zucchini Ilustration Watercolor and Ink

Zucchini Watercolor and Ink, by Idelle Fisher