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Children's Book Illustrator: Book Printers

Children's Book Illustrator: Book Printers

As a Children's Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I like to keep resources on hand to recommend to clients who are looking for printers to print their book. A lot of people look at printers in China, but why waste all those resources in transportation and also in shipping delays when you can print more locally? I know people an save some money by going overseas, but the high environmental cost of transporting books overseas, combined with the fact that wages are very low there which is why you can save money.... I like to think bigger when picking a printer... and I don't want to support unethical practices or unfair wages. So here are a few printers that are closer to home and don't rely on "slave" labor to get the job done, below.

Book Printer Local to Denver, Colorado:

Canada Book Printer: