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Bumblebee Animated Gif

As a long time Denver Website Designer, I used to do a lot of animation in the old-days using Macromedia Flash (later purchased by Adobe). Flash made it easy to animate small objects such as this bumblebee illustration.

Bumblebee Animated Gif

Now that Flash is extinct, however, I still do add subtle animations to websites I design. These bumblebee illustrations were animated using Adobe Photoshop and their Animation Timeline to create some small movement and exported as a looping animated gif.

Bumblebee Animated Gif

This is a fun way to add a little bit of movement to a website. I can't say that Photoshop is as great as Flash was for creating animations, but it can do the trick! The Wix platform also has animation options for scrolling, rollovers and elements, though I most of the Wix animation options very sparingly as they can slow down load time for users.

These bumbling bumblebees are used on a couple client websites related to gardening, find them in the footers of these websites below. Also be on the lookout for an animated hummingbird on the Colorado Gardener site, using the same simple animation:

People and Pollinators Non-Profit Wix Website Design with Bumblebee Animation

People and Pollinators Action Network is helping make Colorado and the world a safer place for our pollinators. Check out all that they're doing on the website, including their Recent Successes page which give us hope that things are changing for the better!

Colorado Gardening Magazine Wix Website Design with Bumblebee Animation

Colorado Gardener magazine is my favorite publication! It's available free and they have two issues this coming season in the spring and summer. The magazine is packed with great articles that are all about gardening in Colorado. I'm always amazed as I look over the table of contents, I am interested in reading every single article! And, be sure to check out their Colorado Gardening Events calendar which has all sorts of wonderful classes, plant sales, plant swaps, and other events to check out.


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