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Best Wix Website

I've designed a lot of Wix websites over the years, and my clients and I love the Wix platform. It's easy to design beautiful, polished, mobile-ready websites that shine on all devices including computers, tablets and phones. The Wix Editor is easy for my clients to use, and, after a little bit of training that I provide as part of my Wix Design services, they are able to keep their website up-to-date and help optimize the SEO content on a regular basis so that they're website rises to the top of search engines.

One of my Best Wix Websites I've designed was for – they had beautiful photos, and I was able to use some of my illustrations to decorate and enhance the website design. Check out this beautiful Wix site below. Looking for more more beautifully-designed Wix websites? Check out my Best Wix Websites »

Best Wix Website designed for a Garden Nursery Store in California