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Best Wix Blog SEO

Wix Blog SEO

Here are some quick tips for making sure your Wix Blog is optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) so that your blog post articles can be found on Google and other search engines like Bing.

  1. Use your blog go answer common customer questions, or address topics that are searched in Google (search Google and then use Google's search suggestions in the dropdown as you search or at the bottom of the search results to get an idea of what other people are searching for relating to the topic you are writing about). You can also use Google AdWord's Keyword Planner tool if you have an account to get an idea of search traffic, or use Keywords Everywhere or other SEO software to get statistics and related searches.

  2. Name your blog post with the exact search phrase that Google suggests

  3. Add one or more unique images, and add image alt text to them in the image settings, using the same keyword phrases you are blogging about. Keep each one unique, and don't repeat/list/stuff keywords in the alt text, write a good description of the image but start with the keyword phrase you are focussing on. Such as "Wix Blog SEO: Top Tips" and "Wix Blog SEO: Best techniques" etc, etc.

  4. Write unique, informative blog articles that answer lots of questions and are useful to your reader. The longer the better, 500-1000+ words is ideal.

  5. Write Often! The more you add blog posts to your site, the more pages your website has for search engines and users to find.

  6. Include Infographics: or Unique, Useful Graphics: These are more likely to be shared and bookmarked by your readers and could go viral if especially useful or fun.

  7. Include Linked Text:

Wix Blog SEO - linking text
  • Using searched keyword phrases to link to other pages or blog posts on your website can help with SEO. It also helps keep people on your site reading more, and the longer they stay on your site, the more pages they view, the better for your bounce rate and SEO. For example, I have linked Wix Web Designer here to my Portfolio page. Because Wix Web Designer is a search term I want to be found for, this will help Google and people find my portfolio page to see all the Wix Design work I do. It is important in the new Wix Blog that you uncheck the "Link opens in a new tab" if you are linking to a page or blog post on your site, as this is better for usability and keeps the user on your site to keep bounce rates low.


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