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Authenticating Domain Emails on Wix for Email Marketing providers like Mailchimp or MailerLite

As a Wix Website Designer, I like to share solutions to issues I run into with Wix here to help others. I recently had an issue with Authenticating a domain email for a client. We setup a new email through Wix (using Google suite) for a domain email so that we can use a third-party email system MailerLite (like Mailchimp) to send out mass email blasts.

The problem was that MailerLite wanted us to add a DKIM/Domain Key and a SPF/SenderID, the DKIM worked, but the SPF TXT record we created seems to be an issue as there is also another SPF TXT record that was setup for Google (we didn't set that one up, I assume it was created when we setup the domain email through Wix, which uses Google). When we tried to Authenticate it after updating the settings, MailerLite was giving us an error and telling us this:

SenderID/SPF has more than one record. Remove all others and leave only one.

As you can see, I added their record below, but I also had a second one from Google.

I was worried that if we removed the Google SPF record (v=spf1 ~all) that it would mess up the email function... but then another Wix Designer helped point out this crucial tidbit: You cannot have two SPF records setup in Wix. You have to combine records so that both Google and MailerLite are mentioned in the same SPF record. The SPF record lists which domain servers are “authorized” to send your mail and represent your property. Add MailerLite to the current record.

What I didn't realize was that the MailerLite provided SPF record DID include the google SPF info already, so that's why the second original Google SPF record was conflicting with it. I deleted the extra Google only one and that fixed it.

MailerLite provided this SPF TXT Record:

v=spf1 ~all

So, after I removed the Google-only SPF record, I was able to successfully authenticate the domain on MailerLite's side. I'm posting this blog here to help others (and myself) if I ever run into this again so I don't forget! :)

Happy Wixing.


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