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Adobe Illustrator – Can't move objects small distances

I just ran into this object snapping problem again with Adobe Illustrator, where my object was snapping to a different position when I was trying to it a short distance to line up with another shape. I had found the solution to this in the past, but couldn't remember where to find it, so now that I figured it out again I wanted to share this with all my fellow designers, watch the video or read the details below – this snapping is caused by the "Align to Pixel Grid" setting in the Transform panel:

If you use Adobe Illustrator like I do for logo design, infographic design and other graphic design – you may have run into this annoying issue of Illustrator "snapping" your objects to an undesired location when trying to move them short distances. This is frustrating when designing logos or shapes when you try to move something to the exact position desired.