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Adobe Illustrator: Hide Outside Artboard

Adobe Illustrator: How to Hide Elements Outside of Artboard:

As an expert Graphic Designer, I sometimes come across something new that makes my designing life easier. Here's a feature from Illustrator that I can't believe I didn't discover sooner: The Trim View.

The "Trim View" option is great if you're designing in Illustrator and you don't want to see objects or images outside of the live area of a document.

Here's a quick video tutorial to show where this can be found:

Note: If you are designing multiple page documents, I highly recommend using InDesign versus Illustrator. I find that a lot of young designers are using Illustrator these days to design multiple page documents such as double sided postcards, brochures, catalogs or brand guides. If you have more than one page in your design, use InDesign, it's MADE for that purpose. While Illustrator has the ability to have more than one artboard, I find this is very cumbersome to use and is not ideal for multiple page documents.


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