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Remove Google Favicons from Search Results

Recently, I noticed that Google is adding color Favicons (tiny square image icons) that show up next to the search results for each page. These Favicons have historically been used to display next to the browser header URL field or in your bookmarks next to the websites, but now Google is experimenting with adding them to the actual search results. If ind that this clutters up the search results with unnecessary color. It doesn't add value to the end user either, most of these mini square Favicon images are typically hard to figure out what they represent as they are so tiny.

What made Google the king of search engines was that they created a very CLEAN search result page, with simple blue links, short descriptions and a link. By adding these Favicons, the clean design disappears and suddenly the page feels cluttered. Combined with the added number of ads, Googles search results are not easy to look through! I hope they decide against it, but time will tell. If they don't, other search engines like may be a better alternative for ease of use. I find that the more cluttered a page is, the harder it is to find what I'm looking for. I hope that Google changes their mind on this front and sticks with their clean interface!

Can you remove favicons that are showing next to all the Google search results?

So far, yes, you can use Incognito Windows, which, so far, don't show these favicons.


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