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Why I Invested in Wix Stock

As a longtime Website Designer, I've been designing websites for over 16 years and have been designing Wix websites for many of my clients for over 6 years. I love Wix. I think it is, hands-down, the BEST Website platform out there. It is a Website Designer or Graphic Designer's dream come true, as it has an intuitive, easy-to-learn website builder editor that is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) to allow full designer control over the design of a website. Wix also has a separate Mobile design editor that gives you much more control over the mobile view than a typical Wordpress responsive template would ever allow. And, it does it all without having to code! It's simply amazing. I invested in Wix because I feel this is a great company that listens to us designers (via Facebook Groups and other forums and WixCon events), and is always improving and adding to the platform. It allows me to design websites much more affordably for my clients with smaller budgets as I have eliminated all the programming hours that Wordpress and other platforms require.

That said, Wix isn't the perfect solution for every client's website needs, it does work perfectly for about 90% of my Website Design clients. That's a pretty good number! I'm surprised that Wordpress, Squarespace, Adobe, Shopify and other software companies have not released anything even close to Wix in term of being a WYSIWYG platform that both designers and website owners love to use. I think in time, that will come, or perhaps Wix will go the way of Flash and be bought by Adobe... we'll see where it goes – afterall, the internet is still just a baby and is still going through a lot of changes each year. But I do know this, right now, in 2019, Wix is the best platform I've used out of all the software and platforms I've ever used over the years (Wordpress, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Muse, Dreamweaver, you name it.). I would love if Shopify would overhaul their platform and create something like Wix with a WYSIWYG editor, but combined with all the customizable features of a sophisticated shopping cart. We'll see where the next 3 years take us!

I hope that Wix continues to do great things that keep all my website clients happy! I love designing right in the Wix platform and then train my clients how to edit their own websites, who then learn to love to edit their sites instead of being afraid of them! A win-win in my book! I can always lend a hand when they have additional design needs or want to redesign the website or add new designed pages or sections. I love for them to have control over their own site as it helps keep their websites fresh and up-to-date, which is best for SEO. Below is a great article from that says some nice stuff about Wix that I agree with: Article Excerpt: "Wix (WIX) is a SAAS company that helps bloggers, influencers, and companies build, host, and manage their websites. Wix has helped simplify a process that used to take hours to develop and reduced it to less than an hour.* The company’s growth strategy is that of creating an ecosystem of tools to empower their customers in various ways." * Note: While I can't say you can design a quality website in less than an hour (that's impossible!), Wix has reduced the time to complete a professional 5-10 page website design to 40-60 hours, down from 80-120+ hours that it takes to design and develop a similar Wordpress website. See the article below or click here.

Wix Stock all time High


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