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Wix vs. Squarespace – A Web Designer's Take

Wix vs. Squarespace – A Web Designer's Take

I get this question a lot: Do you work in Squarespace?

Well, yes, I have.

But do I like or recommend Squarespace? No.

I'm not a huge fan of Squarespace because it's time consuming to change the design, and difficult for clients to understand how to edit. It reminds me of Wordpress in that it's not a drag-and-drop or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I love drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG. That's why I love using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign for designing, they are designed to have easy to use WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editing.

I used to have to do a lot of coding and mess with CSS and themes and troubleshooting for every platform (tablet/mobile/desktop). I also used to have to fix hacked or broken Wordpress websites CONSTANTLY. I hated to charge clients for it as it was rarely their fault, it was a faulty plugin, upgrade, or hacker's fault. I used to work a lot in Dreamweaver, Flash, and also in Wordpress theme customization. I luckily don't have to do that too much anymore as I have been putting most of my clients on Wix. Now when I work on a client Squarespace, Shopify, or WP site, I feel like it's pulling teeth and wish I had the drag and drop features of Wix. I wonder, why have none of them figure out how to do what Wix is doing with WYSIWYG? I'm sure in time, they will. I believe Wix is leading the way in the next generation of website building platforms.

That's why I love Wix! It makes website design fun again.

Not to say that Wordpress and Shopify don't have their purpose, Shopify is great at complex shopping cart needs and functionality, and Wordpress can be highly customized with responsive layouts and custom themes with membership areas and so forth. You can also do a lot of this with Wix Code, so if you really want to make a Wix website shine with added features like database populated pages, membership areas, custom expanding responsive menus, etc – you can do it with Wix Code.

But, as I'm a long time veteran Website Designer, I feel like why make a website design harder than it needs to be? Design a beautiful, simple, easy to use site without a lot of gimics – and make sure it's easy for your potential visitor to find what they're looking for. Keep your website fresh and new, add new content regularly to help optimize your website for SEO over time. Answer customer questions in your blog, add new photos and link to your social media feeds. Use social media to promote all the new content on your website.


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