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SEO Hero for Colorado Hot Sauce Company!

Hot Sauce Gift Set

I am proud to be the SEO Hero another Colorado company. I just started working with the best Colorado Hot Sauce company, Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce. They make six amazing chef-created hot sauces that complement food rather than overwhelm it. They hired me for my SEO Package – which includes the initial keyword research to help them identify a huge list of keyword terms that they want to be found for (for example: Colorado Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce Gift Sets, Healthy Hot Sauce, etc). We are in the middle of the keyword research phase now, where we are building out a comprehensive list of keyword terms and also identifying how to optimize each of their webpages with the best keywords and meta tags. With this keyword term idea list, we will also be writing and posting for them regularly in their blog to help build lots of great content about their hot sauces over the next year. We're excited to see they rise up in the rankings over the next year! Stay tuned!

Check out their website (I didn't design it, but may be adding more design elements down the road as we build out their content over time):

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